Scott Allen

Scott AllenScott Allen is CEO of The Virtual Handshake LLC, a firm offering social technology consulting, social media strategy, media, and education based on The Virtual Handshake book.

Scott was previously Social Innovation Architect with General Motors, where he led the enterprise social data initiative and supported GM’s social technology stack. Prior to that, he served as Director of Client Solutions for Momentum Factor, where he led their online reputation management practice and the development of the FieldWatch compliance management platform, an award-winning SaaS and services enabling direct sellers to monitor the online behavior of their independent distributors.

Scott is coauthor of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online and The Emergence of The Relationship Economy, and a contributor to over a dozen books on social media, marketing and entrepreneurship. He is a prolific online contributor/columnist for sites including American Express, Fast Company,, Getting Things Done, and numerous others. He writes about social media at The Virtual Handshake and Linked Intelligence.

Scott is a recognized authority, having been quoted or featured in, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CFO Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, Sales and Marketing Management, Networking Times, Southwest Airlines Spirit, Worth and other major publications, as well as appearing on radio and at industry conferences. He consults with businesses and individuals on social media strategy and social media product/site design.

Scott has offered training programs in conjunction with business networking sites LinkedIn, Ryze, and others, plus courses on creating a powerful personal presence and growing your personal network on the internet. He is an experienced presenter, both virtually and from the podium, with clients and event partners including Microsoft, ERE Media, Business Development Institute, Execunet, American Marketing Association, American Management Association, and others.

During his career, he has implemented enterprise solutions for clients including IBM, HP and Amazon.

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