How to Email SMS to a Cellphone

From Katrina Resources – a Very Unofficial List, via BoingBoing:

“Don’t have an SMS-ready cellphone yourself? You can e-mail from a computer to an SMS-capable phone. Here’s E-mail to SMS addressing for major carriers:”

# Cingular

# former AT&T users on Cingular

# Nextel

# SprintPCS (US)

# T-Mobile (US)

# Verizon (incl. AirTouch)

# Virgin Mobile (US customers only)

# For all US cellphones with SMS (see Caveats below)

For example, to SMS someone on T-Mobile with a phone number of 202-456-1212 send an email to


New technologies in the blog/podcast/IM markets

Shannon Clark of Meshforum had some valuable comments on our book. My comments to his points are in brackets.

I’m also not sure about the stats you cited [in your book] about IM clients – at least in circles I follow ICQ seems very much on the wane with Skype very rapidly (within the year) becoming the primary IM client for many people I know, myself very much included – while I use other clients and systems, I tend to focus on giving out my Skype address. [DT: I agree.]

Another item you might want to mention in the general blog section are tools such as Blogjet which allow a user to compose entries for a blog offline/on their own machine – but then add them to a blog running nearly any of the major blogging software packages (whether a hosted service or an installed system).

You may also want to mention MSN Spaces (over 5 millions blogs in < 1 year) and Yahoo! 360 as two of newer and very large blog hosting sites. And with those numbers I think the 8 million number you cited is low by many multiples (not to mention that there are many times that many blogs outside of the US). [DT: That was a typo.] Definitely one of the more challenging sections for you to cover without being dated. ... Do you address podcasts at all? I think they offer some unique opportunities - with the value for many people not probably being in setting up your own, but in participating in the best and most valuable ones for your audience (not dissimilar to the value of participating in media outside of the Internet). They also offer a unique value-add proposition for using the Internet to find and participate in specific conferences - the recorded audio from those conferences can reach 20x even 100x more people than the conference itself (MeshForum for example reached 50 people or so in person, but the online audio sessions are likely reaching 20,000+ and since some have been amongst IT Conversations top 20 rated sessions ever, it is very likely that they will reach significantly more than 20,000.

Jerky Pictures and Sound Are History. Videoconferencing Is All Grown Up

The NY Times reports: Jerky Pictures and Sound Are History. Videoconferencing Is All Grown Up (although they should say that’s only for people with good quality equipment and a fast connection.)

Power Play: How Online Communities Got Control of Your Brand and What to Do About It

My colleague Dan Koifman pointed me to this free webcast of Edelman’s recent program on Power Play: How Online Communities Got Control of Your Brand and What to Do About It.

Panelists included:

* David Adelman, Director of Emerging Media, Johnson & Johnson (NY Event)
* Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing Officer, Intelliseek (CHI Event)
* Chris DeWolfe, Co-Founder and CEO,
* Judith Meskill, Technology Industry Analyst and Founder,
* Pam Talbot, Chief Executive Officer, Edelman U.S.
* David Dunne, Executive Vice President and Director, Worldwide Operations, Edelman Interactive

Instant Messaging: not just for kids anymore

Fresh off the presses:

The brand new 2004 Pew Internet & American Life surveys reveal that more than four in ten online Americans instant message (IM). That reflects about 53 million American adults who use instant messaging programs. About 11 million of them IM at work and they are becoming fond of its capacity to encourage productivity and interoffice cooperation.

Real people talking real business in real time

This is one of the more intriguing online networking success stories I’ve heard lately. Thomas Power, Chairman of Ecademy, posted the following request on his Ecademy blog earlier today:

What is your perception of T-Mobile RIGHT NOW?

I am live in Amsterdam addressing 200 T-Mobile executives and their supplier partners, I wish to illustrate to them live that Business Networking communities work with Real People, talking Real Business in Real Time.

Please post here your view or perception of T-Mobile, anything will do.

Thank you in advance.

Well, the response was overwhelming.

In front of 200 T-Mobile executives whose minds you literally blew apart with your 69 blog postings in 90 minutes, I witnessed their epiphany as they realised what an online Social Business Network looks like in Ecademy.

Mind you, Thomas had not set this up in advance. This was totally ad hoc. Also, he sent it out to his personal mailing list, not just his blog.

While the deal’s not final, this was certainly a powerful demonstration of the possibilities for online networking, and Thomas is optimistic about closing the deal with T-Mobile.

Ecademy may not be the largest of the social network sites, but they have consistently shown that they are the one most readily able to mobilize their members when needed.

David Teten and I have written an in-depth profile of Ecademy, if you’d like to learn more.