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The Virtual Handshake has received rave reviews in BusinessWeek, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, countless bloggers, and many other leading publications. It has also been excerpted in and, and is part of the syllabus in courses taught at NYU, UC-Santa Cruz, and elsewhere.

More people have used the Internet to participate in an online group than to read news or even to buy something. Online social networks have enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years, and every major Internet portal now offers some kind of social networking or “blogging” tool to its users.

But these tools are not just recreational — they are rapidly becoming essential tools for business. They are part of a “social software” toolkit that includes blogs, relationship capital management software, advanced contact managers, virtual communities, web conferencing, instant messaging, and much more. The Virtual Handshake gives you the tools to take advantage of these new technologies to become dramatically more successful in business. Just as online dating has revolutionized the way singles connect, very similar technologies are revolutionizing the way that businesspeople close deals.

The Virtual Handshake shows you how to:

  • sign new customers, meet new business partners, recruit star employees, and even find your dream job
  • create a powerful professional (or corporate) presence online
  • attract business in online networks
  • meet more relevant decision-makers
  • start and promote your own blog
  • master the email deluge
  • use web conferencing and discussion forums to make more sales
  • leverage your contact database
  • ensure your privacy and safety online


“This comprehensive book is a smart addition to any company bookshelf.”

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

“Exec Teten and online host Allen navigate readers through a new business landscape that uses web conferencing, email lists, spam filters and a panoply of other online tools.”

Kirkus Reviews

“No matter what your line, Net knowhow is essential these days. Here are two books that can ground you in the necessary tools.”


“We strongly recommend the book, The Virtual Handshake, which is filled with practical ideas…”

Spherion CareerStar

“From finding jobs to sealing deals, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online explains blogs, social networking sites and other online tools for building relationships.”

Monster Technology

“Whether you are looking for a spouse, a business partner, a venture capitalist, or an employee, this book provides the reader with the techniques that work in today’s electronic virtual world and is sure to become a major desktop reference book for professionals doing business on the Internet.”

The LawMarketing Portal


“The Virtual Handshake is a down-to-earth explanation of how people really connect on the ‘net, and how to make that happen for yourself. David and Scott turn the abstract theory into practical action you can use successfully.”

Craig Newmark, customer service rep and founder of craigslist

“An outstanding book, full of great ideas for growing your business. The authors take an innovative but practical look at how best to leverage technology to build business relationships.”

Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder, Business Network International (BNI); Co-author, Masters of Networking

“The relationships I have built have been critical to my company’s success and my personal success. If you want to learn how to build powerful relationships, take this book off the shelf and buy it. This is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for the internet. It is a nonstop flow of ideas which will help you to make more money, take your career into overdrive, and make you a far more effective person. ”

Chris Michel, President,, largest military membership organization in the US

“This extremely useful and practical book is ideal for business school classes, or older people who are trying to transition to an online world. Even an old (online) dog like me learned a few new tricks!”

James L. Marciano, founder of Refer-It, ReturnPath, and TheSquare; Partner, HurryDate

“David and Scott present a compelling idea — while networking is often seen as a numbers game, quality connections are the real key to career and business success. Everyone already has a network of strong connections, whether or not they ever attended a networking event. The Virtual Handshake provides excellent suggestions for how to better leverage the network you already have, including the hidden network comprised of the people your contacts know.”

Reid Hoffman,CEO and Chairman, LinkedIn

“This is a book that business executives should read. The authors show how communications technologies are allowing people to form lasting business relationships and personal networks. This goes way beyond just a tech-trend.”

Michael Tanner, Managing Director, The Chasm Group, LLC

“The Virtual Handshake is a treasure chest of good advice, valuable information, and useful tips about a topic of looming future importance: growing our business relationships online. Anyone planning to build a business—online or not—will benefit from this pioneering book.”

Robert B. Cialdini, Author, Influence: Science and Practice

“The Virtual Handshake is an invaluable resource and insiders guide for anyone that wants to proactively manage their business and personal relationships online. Don’t go home without it.”

Robert Labatt, CEO, Ezboard, inc.

“An invaluable toolkit to help people develop strong relationships with partners, prospects, and customers. The Virtual Handshake will teach you to build the lifetime value of your relationships, through effective contact management and virtual networks.”

Ron Verni, CEO, Best Software

“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust. While this basic principle of business has never changed and most likely never will, the circumstances and methods continue to evolve. David Teten and Scott Allen have written a terrific book that, while remaining true to universal laws of business and social success, provides us with the knowledge and wisdom to succeed in the 21st Century. I greatly appreciate their sharing their expertise so completely and in such a way that anyone from the ‘newbie’ to the most experienced can come away with a practical and clear understanding of how this very important ‘game’ is played.”

Bob Burg. Author, Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales and Winning Without Intimidation: How to Master the Art of Positive Persuasion

“I really love it. It’s frank, specific and useful and that’s what people need.”

Thomas Power, Founder and Chairman, Ecademy

“In a globally competitive world, a person’s business network is the key to success. The Virtual Handshake gives readers tactics that provide immediate results, and strategies for long-term, enduring success and value creation.”

Adrian Scott, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Ryze

“David and Scott have done a marvelous job in providing a practical, fun, and informative manual for getting our arms around an amorphous but very real global virtual community that is morphing into something new and bigger every day. Productivity has a lot to do with leverage, and they remind us of the value of our rolodex and how much more power it has than we are probably utilizing. Congratulations on a pioneering effort!”

David Allen, Author of Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity and Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life

“This is easily the best how-to manual for online business networking. I recommend it to Contact Network customers, and to users of all online social networks.”

Geoffrey Hyatt, Founder and CEO, Contact Network Corporation

“The time I have invested in building a powerful personal network has been critical to my success. Doing it online has enabled me to leverage it even better. In fact, what made Cvent the industry leader in online event planning was my willingness to take a traditional business practice outside of historical boundaries. The Virtual Handshake is a distillation of insight into face-to-face and online networks that should have been made available years ago. The Virtual Handshake will open doors for you that you did not even know were closed.”

Reggie Aggarwal, CEO, Cvent

“The Virtual Handshake is an indispensable reference guide for both the early technology adopter and ordinary businessperson looking for an edge in business and life.”

Craig Calle, CEO,

“The Virtual Handshake is a wonderful resource to improve your online business relation building. David Teten and Scott Allen provide hundreds of useful hints embedded in a strategic guide to enhance online social relations. Even considering myself as blogging and social software literate, I could find much advice and dozens of helpful links in this wonderful book.”

Torsten Jacobi, founder of Creative Weblogging Ltd.

“Over the past twenty years we’ve come to recognize how important networking is. Today, all people have to learn how to use technology to network. The authors have written a groundbreaking book that shows very clearly the options available to anyone and how technology can be used to multiply one’s reach. This is a major contribution to the practical way in which we do business these days.”

Richard Guha, Principal, The New England Consulting Group; former President, Reliant Energy Retail

“Suddenly the internet has given everyone access to the little black books of background and contact information that have traditionally been the exclusive currency of successful business people. The Virtual Handshake is the perfect instructional guide that actually shows people how to harness the incredible breadth and depth of information that’s now available, and turn it into actionable tools for achieving business success.”

Gary Halliwell, President of Zoom Information Inc., formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation

“Within the explosion of online networking, and corresponding confusion for many people, the authors have produced a rich and readable book that should be valuable to those looking for jobs, employees, sales, or have other needs which would benefit by tapping into the vast ocean of Internet users. In doing so, the authors encourage readers who may be less online savy, and also addresses online etiquette and other important issues, such as diversity. An important and timely read.”

Gregg S. Robins, Managing Director, Netburn McGill, and Executive Fellow, NYU Stern School of Business; former Citigroup Business Head, International Personal Banking, Switzerland, Monaco & Luxembourg

“I liked this book because it reflects what we know about how networks generate knowledge and value at the same time as it’s full of practical advice that will benefit individuals and their networks.”

John Smith, Learning Alliances

“As an entrepreneur, I am an ardent supporter of utilizing technology to be more effective in business. The Virtual handshake provides the tools and tactics everyone would need to succeed in today’s online business networks.”

Chandra Bodapati, Founder & CEO, eGrabber Inc

“The authors provide a clear and well thought out guide to online business networks for the average person. It describes how the internet has changed business networking and how you can use the web to develop an online presence that’s as authentic and as valuable as you are.”

Lee LeFever, Common Craft Consulting (online community strategies for business)

“This book couldn’t be more timely. The World Wide Web is the perfect infrastructure for networking. The age we live in is all about global connecting. This fascinating and unique book gives us the directions to build and maintain that infrastructure and create global relationships. This is the way the world now works. Read this book if you want to work in it.”

Michael Hick, Author, Global Deals: Marketing and Managing Across Cultural Frontiers

“Suddenly the internet has given everyone access to the little black books of background and contact information that have traditionally been the exclusive currency of successful business people. The Virtual Handshake is the perfect instructional guide that actually shows people how to harness the incredible breadth and depth of information that’s now available, and turn it into actionable tools for achieving business success.”

Gary Halliwell, President of Zoom Information Inc., formerly Eliyon Technologies Corporation

“Long-distance relationships that I’ve created online have had a huge factor of the success of my books and speaking career. This is simply the only book I’ve seen that really shares examples, and teaches how we can create and manage those relationships most effectively.”

Greg S. Reid, #1 Best-Selling Author, The Millionaire Mentor

“The Virtual Handshake itself demonstrates the power of online networking and information gathering. Authors David Teten and Scott Allen clearly practice what they preach, and have drawn on their own impressive networks to assemble a vast but well-organized and highly applicable set of recommendations for how to be successful in the emerging, networked world. This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build their own network and/or to understand the growing importance of social capital and networks.”

Ben Dattner, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, New York University

“Contact management software is the foundation tool for managing a powerful network; social network software and other new technology tools are now becoming part of the way successful people are doing business. The clear logical reasoning of The Virtual Handshake helps people like me who like to know ‘why’, not just ‘what.’ I’ve spent 15 years in the customer relationship management industry, and I still learned a boatload of valuable ideas from this extremely useful book.”

Greg Head, formerly General Manager, ACT!, for Best Software’s CRM division

“More and more people are building relationships and transacting business using online networks. The new generation of people entering the business world (and many already in it) see the Internet as one of the most natural ways to build and maintain business relationships, and a whole new suite of capabilities is rapidly being developed to facilitate such interactions. As an executive, you are affected by the growth of this new medium whether you choose to fully utilize these new tools or not, because others will be using them to gain a competitive advantage. At a minimum, you must be aware of how your virtual image is being presented (and how to manage it), because it will increasingly be seen by people considering doing business with you. The Virtual Handshake is an invaluable wakeup call about how quickly things are changing and what you must do to become successful in this new world.”

Gerry Mintz, Principal, Mintz & Partners, Inc; former President, Gartner Executive Programs

“While most people recognize the value of networking, many are unable to achieve their desired results. This book outlines step by step processes that anyone can follow. It takes complex issues and breaks them into actionable items.”

Andy Nunemaker, CEO, EMSystem

“The Virtual Handshake is required reading for marketing and sales professionals, knowledge workers, and business students who want to build highly successful careers. It is a highly entertaining and definitive guide to the exciting new set of ‘social software’ tools.”

Mike Foster, Chairman, Human Capital Institute; founder and former CEO of AIRS; Author, “Recruiting on the Web”

“The Virtual Handshake is a must for anyone who wants to leverage the amazing power of a truly networked world. Teten and Allan go way beyond the basic concepts of what it means to utilize the Internet to grow your relationships and dig into the nuts and bolts of how it’s actually done in a virtual world. As the founder of the largest on-line networking site for startup companies, I can tell you first hand that who you know is everything when opening up doors and new opportunities. The Virtual Handshake gives you the tools you need to quickly expand your rolodex and take extract the value from the relationships you have. A must read for anyone serious about growing the value of their relationships on-line (and off!).”

Wil Schroter, Founder / Go BIG Network


“The Virtual Handshake is good eatin’. It does three things really well: it’s a remarkably comprehensive overview of various online community niches; it’s a resource for generalized best practices in developing and managing relationships online; it’s got a wealth of information about online best practices that aren’t directly related to relationship management….”

Slacker Manager/

“This book is a must-read ”

Dave Taylor

“The authors of The Virtual Handshake tell their story from hard-earned personal experience and research that spanned over 300 sources. ”

Dana Vanden Heuvel

“It’s not often that you read a book in an area where you have interest and passion and discover authors who both deepen and broaden your thinking. It’s equally rare to find a book that, despite being published, as books are, months after they’re written and more months after they were researched, that nonetheless introduces technologies and applications and services that seem as fresh as if they were posted to a web site yesterday. The Virtual Handshake was that for me.”

Ron Lichty, SDForum News


“The duo’s book outlines these seven rules for keeping your inbox under control…”


“Ten steps to using social software”