Free Social Media Strategy Webinar – October 7

In conjunction with MicroAssist, I'll be presenting a free webinar on creating an integrated social media strategy on Thursday, October 7, at 2pm Central. Register at   For a growing number of … [Continue reading]

A Good Old-Fashioned True Blue Friend

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Long Tail Keyword Research 101

I'm on a panel tonight at Social Media Club Austin talking about the connection between SEO (search engine optimization) and social media. I'll be focusing on long tail keyword research, an essential core strategy for businesses looking to use social … [Continue reading]

Anti-Social Business Tries Social Media

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Facebook Misses the Mark with Places

Yet again, Facebook has demonstrated their utter lack of understanding for personal boundaries and any sense of appropriate privacy. One of the things you can do with Facebook Places that you can't with Foursquare, Gowalla, etc., is check your … [Continue reading]

Final draft available: private equity and venture capital funds' best practices in originating new investments

  We're in the last lap of editing our research study on best practices of private equity and venture capital investors in originating new investments, which has a particular focus on use of social media.  We plan to publish this in a … [Continue reading]

Founder Institute New York: Early Admissions deadline Aug. 15/Final deadline Aug. 29

  We have another Founder Institute semester spooling up in NYC, and the early admissions deadline is August 15th, with final admissions on August 29th.  Our host will be local entrepreneur Gabe Zichermann, and the applicant pool so far … [Continue reading]

What Google Really Thinks About Social Media

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Seeking Head of Engineering for Internet Finance Startup, NY

I'm in the midst of assembling the founding team for a new startup, and seeking a head of Engineering. I've attached details below.  I welcome suggestions!   Seeking Head of Engineering for Internet Finance Startup, NY   We are … [Continue reading]

The Problem with Being Slightly Famous

One of the things that happens when you become slightly famous is that a whole lot of people want a little piece of your time. Sure, it may only be ten minutes, or even two, but multiply that by dozens, or even hundreds, of people, and pretty soon … [Continue reading]