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Redesign of and

Assembling a WordPress Website My mother and I met Daniella Norwood, the owner of ella j designs, and her husband Brian Bigda at a Lean Startup Machine weekend at which I was a judge.  She did a great job redesigning my mother’s site, … [Continue reading]

SEC Charges Adviser with Defrauding Investors via Social Media Sites

On Wednesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a Chicago-area investment adviser, Anthony Fields, with fraudulently promoting more than $500 billion in fictitious securities on several social media sites and issued two alerts and … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Content Curation Tool?

Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I'm overly ambitious. Maybe a little bit of both. All I know is. blogging as much as I would like to is a freakin' lot of work! I do write original stuff sometimes - and some pretty good stuff at that, I think. I'm also a … [Continue reading]

Fun with Klout

I'm not going to bash Klout. plenty of others have done that already, and besides, I like getting free stuff, so, more power to them!  I just want to have fun with them. A few weeks ago, I did a post about Wikipedia's fundraising ads, entitled … [Continue reading]

Happy Birthday to Me, and How Distributed Cognition Enhances Relationships

It's 9am on my birthday, and already, 65 people have posted birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. Several more have Skyped me. Sure, it's just a simple act - some might argue it's only slightly more social than a poke, but I disagree. Frankly, … [Continue reading]

Online Dating is the Future of Your Business

I gave a talk today as part of TEDx Silicon Valley on "Online Dating is the Future of Your Business". Here's the video and an expanded version of the slide deck. In the talk I discuss how some of the successful online dating startups are models … [Continue reading]

30 Seconds of Your Time Could Mean the World to Me

UPDATE: Chevy was so impressed with what all the participants produced, as well as the turnout for the voting, that they did the smart thing and decided to declare us all winners! Thanks to everyone for your support.I have a small favor to ask that … [Continue reading]

I’m joining ff Venture Capital

  I am delighted to announce that I'm joining ff Venture Capital as a Partner. Official blog post and more details here. In addition, Michael Yavonditte, CEO of Hashable, is joining as a Venture Partner.     Since 1999, ff has … [Continue reading]

Your Website Will NEVER Generate Leads (And 9 Things That Will)

That's right. Your website has never generated one single lead, and it never will. It may capture leads, qualify leads and convert leads, but it will never, ever, generate leads. Think about it. How does someone end up at your website? No one just … [Continue reading]