I’m the New VP of Marketing for OneCoach

I’m pleased to announce that I am the new Vice President of Marketing for OneCoach, a business coaching and consulting firm focused on helping business owners accelerate their business growth.

This is my dream job, quite literally. In 2007, shortly after meeting and interviewing the OneCoach founders, I was invited to speak at their “Mind, Marketing and Millions” conference. After meeting the rest of the team and being immersed in that environment of people who were so passionate about their work and clients who were achieving phenomenal results, I told the then-VP-of-Marketing that he had my dream job.  Three years later, here I am. The improbable chain of serendipities that has led to this point still amazes me.

I’ll continue to be available, on a limited basis, for coaching/consulting (through OneCoach) and speaking engagements/webinars. I’ll also continue as a regular contributor at OPEN Forum and Business.com Answers, both of which serve the same target market as OneCoach.

I’d like to invite you to connect with OneCoach on our newly-redesigned blog, Facebook, and @OneCoach on Twitter.

I’m brimming with excitement at this opportunity and looking forward to a long and prosperous future together with OneCoach.