Free Social Media Strategy Webinar – October 7

453598_warriors_loneliness In conjunction with MicroAssist, I’ll be presenting a free webinar on creating an integrated social media strategy on Thursday, October 7, at 2pm Central. Register at  

For a growing number of organizations, using social media tools such Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and  blogs are mission critical to their success.  People within those organizations are using social media to:

*  learn information that is critical to their jobs
*  form connections with industry leaders
*  become recognized as industry thought leaders
*  address customer service issues
*  market their own products and services

However, without a cohesive social media strategy you can easily end up with a lot of social media activity but very little meaningful business results. 

In this webinar, we’ll show you how individual, departmental and enterprise social media strategies integrate to create a total value for the organization that is greater than the sum of the parts.  We’ll also provide you the basic strategic framework for developing individual, departmental and enterprise social media plans.  And finally, you’ll learn some high-ROI social media strategies that you can apply on any platform – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, niche communities, or whatever “the next big thing” turns out to be.  Again, you can register, at no cost, at

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