How to whitelist your site for corporate firewalls, so that the Fortune 500 can see you

Bank Security Guard by Brad & Ying. Over the last year, I periodically would hear from clients and friends at some of the large investment banks that they could not view Given the amount of "adult" content on this site is zero, I was surprised and annoyed by this. The site is not a very good marketing tool if potential clients can’t see it.


After further investigation, I found out that some corporate firewalls were blocking the site, presumably because they had misclassified as a site that employees were using to search for new jobs.


Getting our site whitelisted took much more time than I would have liked, and we’re not done yet.  My colleague Taimur Hassan prepared a a list of the major web security and corporate firewall providers, and links to check your website’s status. More details here.


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