Even Mashable Doesn’t Digg

I know there’s a lot of hype, mystery and legend around getting on the front page of Digg. Personally, I joined Digg back in 2005, used it somewhat, and then kind of abandoned it. I stop by occasionally, Digg something as a favor to a friend every once in a while, etc. I have a couple of clients that use it heavily, even though I don’t personally. They are, however, media and/or B2C focused.

I have a B2B client, though, who’s asking me about Digg, and I’m wondering if anyone’s actually using it for B2B. To research this on my end, I just downloaded my 864 LinkedIn contacts to a CSV file and uploaded that to Digg. Out of those 864 business contacts:

  1. 83 (less than 10%) are Digg users.
  2. Only 12 (1.4%) have been active recently (looks like the past 90 days), according to Digg

Mind you, my network has a disproportionately high percentage of social media professionals, too. Heck, even Pete Cashmore (Mashable) is “Not active recently”:

Maybe he’s outsourcing it. Heck, maybe everybody’s outsourcing it. Does kind of make you wonder, doesn’t it? Who’s actually Digging? And why is it still such a big deal?

More research required, but let me know what you think.