DancetimePublications seeking social media marketing consultant: approximately 60-80 work-hours December-January, flexible commitment—New York, NY

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DancetimePublications, the largest dance history DVD website, seeking social media marketing consultant: approximately 60-80 work-hours December-January, flexible commitment—New York, NY

My mom, Carol Teten, is seeking some advice:

Our Firm


Dancetime Publications is a publishing company devoted to the creation and distribution of information products based on our heritage of Western social and theatrical dance. Most of our revenues are via the sale of DVDs on our website,, and via paper mailings to our proprietary mailing list. In addition, we just launched a directory of other companies’ dance history products on our website, which we are monetizing via the Amazon affiliate program.


Our work has been praised by such publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, Library Journal, and Dance Magazine. Our CEO, Carol Teten, is one of the world’s leading experts in historical Western social dance.


Among the dances for which we have DVD products:

20th Century: Fox Trot, Tango, Charleston, Lindy, Rumba, Jitterbug, Twist, Disco, Breakdancing, and Hip Hop.

19th Century: Waltz, Polka, Gallop, Mazurka and Quadrille (square dances)

18th Century: Gigue, Allemande and Contradance (country dances)

17th Century: Minuet and Saraband

16th Century: Volta, Saltarello, and Galliard

15th Century: Bassadanze and Balli


We also have DVD products related to Modern Dance pioneers such as Pearl Primus, Charles Weidman, Donald McKayle, and Anna Sokolov; and Jazz Dance legends such as Pepsi Bethel, James Barry, Al Minns, Leon James, and Frankie Manning.


New DVDs are coming out on THE BIG APPLE and on HIP-HOP.

Primary Job Responsibilities

We are looking for a consultant to work in December-January, preferably about 30 hours/week. The exact hours you work are entirely flexible. Your primary responsibilities:

– build out our database of dance history websites

– build databases of online communities of people interested in historical dance and dance history

– outreach directly to these communities via email, IM, etc.

– Solicit online community leaders to link to website, and/or to advertise our videos to their community.


Based on your performance and our needs, your role may continue as a part-time or full-time job after January.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated self-starter with strong writing experience, social media marketing experience, and a track record of continuous self-improvement, high achievement, and aggressiveness. You have strong interpersonal communication skills, a poised, professional demeanor, and basic proficiency in PCs: Microsoft Office suite. You should be a confident and innovative problem solver with the ability to drive projects forward to timely completion.


Although you can complete this consulting project from anywhere in the US, we have a preference for people based in the New York, NY area.


The following will strengthen your candidacy significantly:

– Diverse social media marketing experience: email, online communities, social networks

– Experience as a leader of an online community

– Experience in the dance world, preferably dance history

– Experience marketing Amazon affiliate websites


$10-$20/hour, depending on experience.

Next Steps

Please send us the following:

+ Resume, titled “LastName-FirstName-2009”, e.g., “Spitzer-Eliot-2009”

+ Cover letter, indicating the dates and times that you are available

+ Writing sample (e.g., a report or memo from work, or a paper from school)


Please send your resume and cover letter to carol(AT) with “Social Media Marketing” in the subject line.