Financial Executives Oct. 8 Event: Using Expert Networks and Social Media

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The Financial Executives Networking Group New York Chapter’s next meeting may interest you:

When: Thursday, 10/8/2009
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: Lee Hecht Harrison
200 Park Avenue (MetLife Building)
26th Floor, 212-557-0009

Agenda: “Using Expert Networks and Social Media”

The declining economy has caused considerable growth in niche outsourcing segments, one of which is for specialized expert consultants. This niche is for professionals with very specific and salable expertise, sought by companies active across a wide range of industries. Ironically, it is often the same firms which have laid-off executive talent which now seek the expertise they no longer have in-house.

Experts can sell their knowledge through intermediary firms, or by establishing their own advisory practices. Those who create their own businesses have turned increasingly to social media outlets to generate awareness for their brand. Further, companies and investor relations firms have found social media to be an effective tool for dissemination of information to institutional and individual clients.

The FENG New York has invited senior executives of two firms which focus on expert outsourcing and social media to discuss these sectors, and comment on how they interact with each other. Doors open at 5:30, and each speaker will have the floor for about 30 minutes from 6:00 to 7:00. The Q&A session goes until 7:30, followed by general networking until 8:30. The speakers will stay until conclusion of the networking session.

Sam Jacobs is the Managing Director for Americas Research at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG). Previously, Sam was responsible for global client service and for running GLG’s Consumer Goods & Services research practice. GLG is a major player in the global marketplace for corporate expertise. Since 1998, its platform for collaboration and consultation has helped leading companies and institutions find, engage, and employ experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines. GLG maintains Group Councils consisting of financial consultants, physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, market researchers, and other professionals.

Council Members use GLG’s proprietary systems to categorize their experience and expertise, which GLG makes available to clients needing a better understanding of the value and competitive landscape for their products and services. Prior to GLG, Sam worked at Capital One Corporation in their Global Finance Division, at Stern Stewart & Company in their Middle Market Finance Group, and as the founder of two technology-based entertainment startups.

Scott Lichtman is CEO of Vital Access, which advises firms on how to create online business communities and use social media for business development. Scott has worked with investment firms, attorneys, technology companies, green industry startups, and non-profits to launch business interactions among tens of thousands of professionals online in their respective sectors. In this connection, he is co-producing a business contest video program about small businesses leveraging the talents of industry experts and salespeople to facilitate expansion.

Previously, Scott was Managing Director at Evalueserve, a global research company providing investment and competitive research to over 1,100 clients, including 6 of the top 10 global banks, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous buy-side firms. Scott came to Evalueserve through its merger with The Circle of Experts, a network focused on emerging markets where he served as COO. Previously, Scott led product development for the securities industry firm Trade Ideas, was the Director of E-Commerce Marketing at Oracle, and a strategy consultant at Deloitte.

To attend this event please RSVP to The FENG New York at, providing your name, preferred email address, and telephone number. A charitable contribution of $20 (payable at the door) is requested, which is dedicated to clerical and overhead expenses of the chapter and headquarters. If you register and your plans change, please provide notification. If it is necessary to leave before 7:30 we kindly request that you sit in the back of the room so as to not disrupt the speakers. Please turn off cell phones before the presentations begin.


  • The dress code is business casual.


  • From 45th Street entrance walk up one flight to 2nd floor to reception.
  • From 42nd Street entrance walk through Grand Central Terminal, take escalators up two flights to 2nd Floor reception.
  • Please also check into the meeting on the 26th floor.

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