Seeking template project plan for a startup business

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I’m currently advising two startup businesses, and on their behalf my colleague Corentin Roux dit Buisson and I set out looking for a detailed template project plan for starting a new company.  However, we haven’t yet succeeded.  Do any readers have ideas?

Whilst the ideas and business models differ wildly, most start-ups follow the same basic series of operational steps, from registering a domain name to setting up an accounting system.  Ideally, we’re seeking a project plan with some decision trees, e.g., if your business is B2B, here are the marketing steps you need to take; if it is B2C, here are the steps to take.

Here are a few of the resources we have found on the subject:

– Forbes has published an overview of what is required.

– The US Government’s Small Business Planner is a well-structured and very detailed source, similar to a Windows help file, giving you both an overview and a place to look for specific issues.

– A more fluid if briefer guide can be found here, and includes both what to do and where to get more information on each step.

– In the same vein, Tanned Feet provides a perspective on various aspects of starting-up and running your business.

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