Negotiating real estate deals via email

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The NY Times reports on negotiating real estate deals via email.  As we say in our book, email is just one tool of many in human communication, and overuse/inappropriate use is not going to help you be successful.I recently met a hedge fund manager who said ’email is a glorified fax machine’.

From the article:





But others think that there are circumstances when online bargaining makes sense. Kathleen L. McGinn, a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School who has written extensively about negotiation, says real estate is one area in which e-mail negotiation may actually be better than face-to-face negotiation.


E-mail can help buyers and sellers be more forthcoming about what they really want, Dr. McGinn said. ‘It might be uncomfortable for me to sit across from someone and say, ‘Could you leave the sofa?’ she said. ‘But if you put it online, you’re just getting it on a list and you don’t have to worry about seeming penny-pinching or petty.’



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