LinkedIn Strategy Webinar June 16

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 16) at 1pm Eastern I’ll be presenting a webinar in partnership with American Management Assocation (they published my first book, The Virtual Handshake) entitled How to Use LinkedIn to Excel in Your Current Position and Plan for Your Next.

This is not a webinar on the mechanics of how to use LinkedIn – this is focused entirely on the business strategy of using LinkedIn – how to create value for your business and career and how to be most productive with the time you spend on LinkedIn. Some of the specific topics include:

  • The latest “dos and don’ts” for building an effective profile that gains maximum exposure in search engines
  • Tips for direct one-to-one outreach-the right way to find and connect with others
  • Ways to create value from the networks of others
  • Effective use of the Q&A function: how to find the nuggets, what and when to answer, as well as potential legal liabilities
  • How to use the answers section to be recognized as-or to find-an expert in your field
  • Understanding and utilizing the power of LinkedIn groups
  • How LinkedIn can be used as a tool for competitive research and product launches
  • Stealth strategies for seeding conversations
  • How to maximize productivity-profiles and routines (how often to check it, avoiding e-mail overload, etc.)
  • Ways to merge blog feeds into your profile
  • Understand how and why a paid LinkedIn membership can be of value to you

This is a 90-minute webinar with plenty of time for live Q&A. Registration is $149 and includes an activity guide to maximize your learning experience.