The Evolution Of Networking….a poem by Mark Cecil

Mark Cecil, Conference Manager, Buyouts Magazine, wrote a brief poem for introducing my talk at next week’s ACG Intergrowth.  I don’t think I’ll use the poem (it’s not my style) but I liked it so much I had to post it.


The Evolution Of Networking..a poem


First there were golf links.

Now there are the web links.

First there was the handshake,

Now there is the friend poke.

Long ago there was the deal making heavy hitter.

Now there’s just twitter.

First there was the pitch book.

Now you have facebook.

Long ago there were relationships that lasted.

Now everyone’s just email blasted.

If you’re not busy on linked in,

You will be when the wisdom of this keynote has..sinked in.

And you can be sure you’ll be virtually crushed,

If your business isn’t virtually pushed.