Webinar Series – Social Media: Smart Uses for the Business of Healthcare

Starting this Wednesday, April 22, and continuing for the next two weeks, I’ll be presenting a 3-part webinar series on the use of social media in the healthcare industry (all sessions scheduled for 1 pm EST) in conjunction with The Maloy Group as part of The University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution Program:

April 22   Grow Your Brand Online (Marketing)
April 29   Web 2.0 to Foster Relationships and Identify Leads (Sales)
May 6      Promise & Pitfalls of Finding Great Talent Online (Recruiting)

You can sign up for all three sessions, the Marketing and Sales Package (2 sessions) or one session.  Also, for an additional $35, you will receive a copy of The Virtual Handshake book, copies of the slides and an audio recording of the session(s) you attend. 

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