The More You Say, the Less You Leave for Others to Say

Back when I was blogging for b5media, we were having a discussion at one point about how to get more comments on our blogs. Blogger extraordinaire Liz Strauss shared her experience that she deliberately left posts “open-ended”, even “incomplete”. She pointed out that if you say everything there is to say on a subject, you leave little room for others to comment.

This topic came up again in Sunday night’s #blogchat session on Twitter. In particular, this thread:


dannybrown: @servantofchaos I hear you – sometimes we say the better things when we don’t say anything at all


hacool: @dannybrown @servantofchaos not saying anything would be an unusually zen way to post! 😉


dannybrown: @hacool @servantofchaos I like it – a nice blank canvas for anyone to add to in the comments 🙂 Nite guys

I take no credit for the idea – I was just the first to go put it into action:

This Space Intentionally Left Blank for Your Comments

Fascinating experiment. Comments welcome.