ACG InterGrowth, May 12-14, 2009–world's largest conference for deal industry

I’m looking forward to attending ACG InterGrowth in Las Vegas, May 12-14, 2009. For those not familiar with it, ACG InterGrowth claims to be the world’s largest conference for the deal industry. We expect more than 2,000 middle market M&A professionals (excluding government-owned companies which are nervous to send their employees to Vegas). Participants include private equity professionals, investment bankers, corporate development officers, lenders, lawyers and accountants. The cost of registering goes up after March 16; to register, click here.

ACG was kind enough to invite me to give a keynote talk at the conference on “How to Win Clients, Originate Deals and Raise Capital Using Online Networks“. You can see a preview of the talk here.

ACG just launched a gated online community for their members. I’d welcome feedback from anyone who’s a member.  The ACG online network is going after a market segment that overlaps somewhat,, and . In the world of investors in public markets, the closest comparables are FT Alphaville Long Room, SumZero,, and  For a list of online networks for traders, see SFO magazine.  However, unlike all of the competitors I mentioned, ACG has the advantage of decades of experience running a significant trade association.

As a general comment, there are relatively few examples of offline trade associations who have successfully built online networks for their members. For more on this, see Outsell’s report on Social Media in Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Part 1: Social Networking. ACG is aspiring to be the exception, and I look forward to seeing their success.

For anyone in the mid-market private equity world, this is one of the most important conferences of the year. If you’re going, please drop me a note via the ACG online network.