Seeking Consultant for Research on Deal Origination by Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

We are seeking 1-3 volunteer consultants who would like to help do research and prepare some analytics for a series of articles and slide presentations on deal origination by private equity and venture capital firms, particularly their use of Web 2.0 technologies. This is an ideal project for someone interested in learning more about institutional investing and Web 2.0 technologies. The focus of this research is how private equity and venture capital firms create a steady incoming flow of relevant potential investments.

I am in the process of leading the first ever research project on deal origination.  We plan to publish the results of this study in the Journal of Private Equity and some other leading journals covering the private equity/venture capital industry.

In the past few months, I have presented to a range of industry conferences on this topic. You can see the slides from some of my presentations at . Chris Farmer, formerly a Principal with Bessemer Venture Partners, is working with me on this research.

+ Compensation: None
+ Hours/work location: Flexible. Work at your convenience and your preferred hours from home. Typically 3-10 hours per week, more depending on your availability and interest.
+ Class credit (if you have a professor who approves your participation, and/or if you can recycle this work for a class)
+ Interact with private equity and venture capital thought leaders.
+ Gain public visibility for your research on the private equity/venture capital industry. Potentially gain co-author credit.
+ Learn about blogs, social network sites, and other Web 2.0 technologies.
+ Significant creative input and flexibility.
+ Very positive references (if merited).
+ Access to the co-authors’ network of investors for future job oportunities.

+ Research background on the private equity/venture capital industry. Pull data from academic research and other sources.
+ Code 150 interviews we have conducted with institutional investors globally, and execute certain analytics based on this dataset. Create Excel graphs and slides based on this dataset.
+ Write portions of research papers on this topic, and pertinent blog posts.
+ Interview executives in the private equity/venture capital industry and at companies that interface with the industry (investment bankers, Web 2.0 companies, data providers, etc.)
+ Using your sales and marketing skills, win publication opportunities and speaking opportunities targeting the private equity/venture capital industry.

+ Strongly prefer someone with a current or recent MBA, JD, or other comparable advanced degree. Summer interns are welcome.
+ Strongly prefer experience in financial services: investment banking, investment research, private equity, and/or venture capital
+ Require strong writing experience. Particularly value a high GPA in writing-dependent courses.
+ Excitement about being part of the team understanding in depth a critical part of the institutional investment industry.
+ Highly motivated self-starter who has a track record of continuous self-improvement, high achievement, and aggressiveness.
+ Strong interpersonal communication skills.
+ Poised, professional demeanor.

Contact via e-mail only; do not call. Save your resume in Microsoft Word format with the name “Last Name-First Name-Year.doc”, e.g., “Clinton-Bill-2008.doc”.

Include with your detailed resume:
+ Dates/hours of availability during December 08-Fall 09.
+ Writing sample
+ Physical location. You can do all of the work on this project remotely. However, if you are in the New York or Boston area, that is preferable.

Please make sure that you include all of the information that we request above, or we will not be able to consider your application. Please send resume and cover letter to Careers @ with “Research Assistant” in the subject line.