Jason Fried, 37Signals, at the NY Web 2.0 Expo

My notes from Jason Fried of 37Signals at the NY Web 2.0 Expo:

Software business is a great place to be . You can build anything you want. Don’t have to worry about physics, raw materials, regulation, cost of change, geographic locale

You do have to worry about some issues most people don’t worry about:
– lack of feedback loop. Water bottle is immediately apparent as a quality design. Software is too nebulous. DoesnÂ’t have edges or weight. Can expand infinitely.
– If software were physical, what would it feel like?

Versions 3 or 5 of software tend to be the best. If you say yes to too many customers, you look like MS Office.

You should think of yourself as a curator. Curator’s job is to say ‘no’.

Listen to customers, but innovate on behalf of entire customer base

Tend to bloat over time. Hard to go back over time from bloat.

Customers only represent what they know is possible, not what is ultimately possible.

When you get a request, attach a cost to it (dollars, time, etc.).

Q: How would you redesign Microsoft Office?
A: Make it much more social. It’s fine.

Q: Who should be the curator?
A: Steve Jobs is the ultimate curator in business.