Gary Vaynerchuk of on entrepreneurship at the NY Web 2.0 Expo

Gary Vaynerchuk of was a *very* passionate speaker about entrepreneurship at the NY Web 2.0 Expo, although his style is definitely not one that everyone can emulate. My notes:

PP = patience and passion
“Please stop doing stuff you hate. You can lose just as much money being happy as hell.”
I took my parents’ wine business, grew it to $50m from a few million.
I beaome 1% not happy selling wine, and launched in February.
I promise you can make a living doing what you love.
Legacy is greater than currency.
It is not fun answering ‘What wine goes with fish?’ 74 x/day.
The only thing I fear in the world is internet on planes. I will retire from email when that happens.
Now repped by Creative Artists Agency. He got in Time, etc., based on quality product.
I answer all my mails personally.
I turned down 40 TV deals, because I’m waiting for bigger opportunity
The people that controlled it no longer do.
I leveraged my brand equity to publicize ‘‘.
Use all the tools – twitter, pownce.
We like reality TV because it’s somewhat real.
We’re going thru gold rush of branding.