Free Network Marketing Teleclasses in October

I love free teleclasses. They’re a great way to get an introduction to someone’s material and find out if it’s something you want to pursue further. I also love network marketing (at its best — at its worst I’m as annoyed by it as anybody else). What makes the difference between good network marketing and bad network marketing? Training. More specifically, good training.

So I was really pleased when my friend Gail Stolzenburg called me up and told me about the free MLM teleclass program he’s involved with and invited me to join them and offer a class on building your network online.

Here is a sample of what will be featured for the month of October:

*Discover the virtual handshake to build your network online
*Learn how to prospect like a professional
*Find out the 7 keys to getting all the free publicity you want
*Double your sales
*Know how to recruit with ease, to grow your team today
*Learn about the Irlen Method
*Find out how to manage fear
*Discover how to dump credit card debt
*Find three easy ways on how to empower children financially
*Envision how bio-energetic healing can change your life
*Learn how to deal with people differently
*Uncover the secrets to building your million dollar business
*Become wealthy without a job
*Create breakthroughs in every area of your life
*Know how to select a 6 or 7 figure network marketing opportunity

My class is on October 15, but the next class is Monday, October 1, so if you’d like to learn more, take a look at the detailed class schedule. The classes are free, but pre-registration is required (you can register through the schedule page).