When Internet Marketing Meets Web 2.0

What happens when the “old new world” of internet marketing (and by that, I don’t mean the general sense of marketing on the internet, but more specifically the world of affiliate marketing and information products) collides with the “new world” of Web 2.0?

Well, the result isn’t always pretty. It seems that all the internet marketing gurus are trying to get their head around (and their fingers in) Web 2.0, and sometimes, the fast-talking, hype-laden, list-building mentality just doesn’t jibe with the authenticity and relationship-driven approach of Web 2.0.

Case in point… I recently saw an ad for The Authority Black Book (note: this link does not constitute an endorsement – I’m providing it so you can see for yourself), promising “The Best Web 2.0 Resources for Generating Traffic and Winning Customers”.

See, here’s the thing. Web 2.0 isn’t just about technology. Web 2.0 is about technology enable authentic relationships — people connecting with other people over some common interest. So when the whole sales process for something like this completely violates that promise, it kind of makes you wonder just how much the people behind it really “get” Web 2.0.

You can read the first in what I plan to be a 3-part series reviewing this e-book and related programs on my new blog, Revenue River:

Pet Peeve: Web 2.0 Gurus Who Really Don’t Get Web 2.0

Be sure to leave a comment… when one of the people behind this thing finally discovers that blog post, I’d love to have a show of force there.