Dr. Mark Goulston on Over-commitment

I’ve written before about the challenges of being incredibly busy. I will readily admit to being chronically — perhaps even pathologically — over-committed.

One of those many commitments is our monthly Fast Company column. Fast Company is getting ready to make some big changes in their site, expanding on the social media and social networking functionality. And our editor sent out a call to those of us who are FC columnists and bloggers to beta test the new site. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist.

So maybe you’ll understand why I laughed so hard I spewed my drink when I read the following reply to the same request from Dr. Mark Goulston (who has a great blog, by the way):

Count me in. When you’re overextended like I am one of the best things to do is shift into denial with a twist of manic grandiosity and take on more. God forbid I should leave any synapse or receptor site unused. Best to all, Mark

Funny, funny stuff. I look forward to reading more… and thanks, Dr. Mark — you made my day yesterday.