I Made the Blog A-List! (And You Can Too)

A-List BloggerIt’s official, as of last week — according to Technorati, and to Kineda’s cool A-List Bloglebrity tool which uses it, I am now an A-List blogger:

Now, that might not be all that interesting to you, except that I’ve spent some time analyzing my results and I’ve explained on my blog exactly how I made the A-list, and without working at it nearly as hard as Technorati and others suggests you might have to (Posting twice a day??? Who has that kind of time???).

Anyway… I want to help YOU do this too, so I’ve set up a thread on my forum there to help you make the A-list. You can post your current authority ranking, ask any questions, share any tips, and…most of all…share your progress! We may not be able to get everyone on the A-list, but we should at least be able to move everybody up a notch or two.

Comments / feedback welcome here, but if you want to participate in the project and boost your blog authority, you need to go post on there — I can only fragment the conversation so much. 😉

By the way, you might want to also take a look back at How to Become an A-List Blogger – 3.5 years old and still timely.