Gender Differences in Networking – Live Call Tuesday, July 24

Do men and women network differently? I think we all intuitively know that there’s some truth to this, but what are the facts? What can men and women learn from each other to improve their networking skills, as well as how to relate to each other better in a business context?

On Tuesday, July 24, 1pm PST/4pm EST, I’ll be a guest on FCGM Small Business Radio, along with Lynn Terry of the Self-Starters Weekly Tips Forum and host Scharlene Redway of Full Circle Global Mentoring, discussing this issue.

You can listen as well as call in with live questions at (718) 664-9874 or

We’ll talk about some interesting survey results from ExecuNet that indicate there are some substantial differences, as well as the phenomenon that of top 50 connectors on LinkedIn, only two are women.

Hope to see you there!