Virtual Handshake Reader Shares E-mail Success Story

I received a message today from a reader of The Virtual Handshake who had a success with one of the techniques presented in the book:

One thing that caught my attention in The Virtual Handshake is when you told the story about the gentleman who didn’t know the person’s email address who he wanted to email. It turned out that the person had all those email addresses, and they were all directed to one email. The executive saw the person’s commitment, and long story short the emailed got what he was looking for.

This recently happened to me. ( inspired by the book) I was trying to get a message to a non-profit org that I thought I could help. I sent an email to the founder of the organization, HR@theorg, and info@theorg. It turned out he got all three emails. He appreciated my enthusiasm. Now I am in!!! I appreciate the great idea.

Benjamin B. Rosenzweig
Detroit Financial Group
O- 248-324-9333

You know, I always love hearing stories like this. Actually, Benjamin was kind of surprised when I wrote back right away and asked him if I could post it on the blog. I told him, though, that while I hear stories like this all the time, few people take the time to spell it out in enough detail to be usable. So there’s a little PR lesson for you – everyone loves being appreciated. Take the time to write to someone and tell your story of how their product or service made a difference in your life or business and you may earn yourself a little free publicity as well.