Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn – A Group Blogging Project

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to compile some kind of easy resource to help communicate the benefits of LinkedIn to potential users (and to answer the nay-sayers who don’t understand its usefulness). That’s a big task. You could write a book on it, right?

Finally, I realized that it made a whole lot more sense as a group effort. And so, I came up with Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn – A Group Blogging Project.

If you have a LinkedIn success story to tell, or tips on how to accomplish a particular task with LinkedIn, this is a great opportunity to share it. I have over $4,000 in prizes to give away to participants. And you may want to hurry… there are a couple of special bonuses for the first participants.

If this works like I hope it will, the LinkedIn user community will have a great resource for explaining LinkedIn to friends and for answering the nay-sayers.

Happy blogging!