Two Degrees of Spam

By now I’ve gotten used to seeing the occasional generic blog comment that is designed to get through the spam filters just to get a link to some spam site:

Quite interesting site. I’ve bookmarked it and will return. (oh please don’t!)

Your site is also very interesting, very calming effect just reading it. Will spend more time with certain areas. Well done and good luck with your work. (this one cracks me up)

Wonderful web site, was very useful. Lovely touch having this guestbook. Thanks (guestbook??)

But I can usually spot them because they’re linking to some domain for Tramadol or Viagra or porn or something. Today, though, I got one that was linking to a social bookmarking site – more specifically, to one particular user’s links on that social bookmarking site. Guess what all the links were to? Various breast enlargement sites. Non-obvious from the user name or the domain.

Two degrees from spam. Ugh. Watch out for it.