MySpaceForBusiness? Or MySpace for business?

There’s a new site up called On the surface, it looks pretty much just like MySpace, and that’s a good model. I like the concept. But I won’t be joining.

Why not?

Simple: blatant trademark violation.

This is Trademarks 101. First of all, to their credit, I will note that they do have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that they are in no way associated with MySpace. But this business name clearly creates confusion and they certainly benefit from that confusion.

It’s one thing to use a trademark in your domain name when it’s clearly offering supplemental services, e.g.,, though even that is a gray area. You can even use it in your tag line, e.g., “Like MySpace…for business”. The smartest thing to do is just get permission, like I did for

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if MySpace is now a big impersonal corporation, it’s still just bad business to violate your neighbor’s intellectual property. I suspect they’ll be receiving a C&D letter sooner or later.