New Blog: Linked Intelligence

I’ve launched a new blog focused exclusively on LinkedIn at


From the welcome message:

I believe that much of the reason for that growth is that LinkedIn does, overall, a very good job of delivering on its promise of being an efficient, time-conservative way of maintaining and leveraging your network of contacts. While you can certainly spend a lot of time there if you so choose, it has a strong appeal to busy professionals who understand the value of their network and want to be of service to the people they know and trust, but don’t want to spend a lot of time “networking”.

What I realized recently is that while there are dozens of excellent resources for the more highly active LinkedIn power users, there wasn’t really a source that delivered information with the same kind of efficiency that appeals to the majority of LinkedIn users.

I’ll cross-post somewhat here on The Virtual Handshake, but if you’re interested in a filtered, quality source of information about LinkedIn, I hope you’ll stop by and add it to your subscription list.