Fast Company's FC Now BlogJam 2006

David and I will be participating in Fast Company’s third annual blog-a-thon, FC Now BlogJam 2006 this Monday and Tuesday, 8/14-8/15. I’m a long-time reader of the magazine, and David and I have had a monthly column about virtual business relationships there for nearly two years now.

Some of the notable participants in this year’s BlogJam include:
* Lloyd Alter and Nick Aster, TreeHugger
* Grace Bonney, Design Sponge
* Anastasia Goodstein, Ypulse
* Craig Newmark, craigslist
* Ilya Vedrashko, MIT Advertising Lab

Posting on the FC site is limited to the invited participants, but comments are open to everyone, so come join the conversation!

UPDATE 8/15/2006: My contribution is up: Are Our Expectations of Social Software Too High?