Survey: Determination of Trust in Remotely Negotiated Transactions

UPDATE: The results have been published and the survey is now closed.

In The Virtual Handshake, we focus mostly on the development of trust over time by building personal relationships. But millions of transactions go on every day between complete strangers. In some cases, one or both parties are large businesses with established reputations, but many more are between individuals and small businesses, and the necessary trust for the transaction has to be developed and determined in a very short amount of time.

One of my clients has asked me to put together a survey on the determination of trust in remotely negotiated transactions. This includes both print (local newspaper, AutoTrader, etc.) and online classifieds (craigslist), auction sites (eBay), and social networking sites (Tribe, Ryze, Ecademy). It is NOT meant to cover the long-term development of trust via social interaction and the ensuing business that may arise, but rather the determination of trust between relative strangers for the purposes of a single transaction.

As a thank-you for your time, survey respondents will receive a free e-book of How to Use Google: The 60 Most Important Tips, Tricks and Search Shortcuts, a $14.95 value, and Nancy Mills’ How to Use Craigslist as a Global Publicity Tool (MP3 version), a $25 value. Also, if you provide your e-mail address, we will send you a copy of the complete results of the survey.

Please feel free to announce this in your blog, newsletter, social networking group/club/network, etc. We want as many responses as we can get.

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