LinkedIn for Recruiting Now Available in Print

Happy About Linkin For RecruitingWhile it serves a broad audience for a broad range of needs, LinkedIn has managed to also become one of the top job sites on the web, winning awards and making the short list along with traditional megasites like CareerBuilder and Monster. It particularly appeals to recruiters because it provides access to top people who may not be active job-seekers, and because the referral and endorsement system provides richer information about a candidate than just a resume.

LinkedIn for Recruiting is based on over 40 interviews from top recruiters and other LinkedIn experts on how recruiters can best use LinkedIn to connect with top candidates and clients (David and I were both interviewed for the book). This is not a basic how-to book, nor is it theory and conjecture. This is real-world strategy and best practices from people who are making it work.

The book was written by Bill Vick, a top recruiter who has had great personal success with LinkedIn, and business coach / blogger Des Walsh. Both of them are very active on many of the LinkedIn-related Yahoo Groups (Des moderates the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo Group).

The book is available in PDF ($49.95) or paperback ($69.95, includes the PDF). Buyers of the book also receive over $500 in free bonuses, including a job listing on LinkedIn and a one-month membership at, plus password-controlled access to MP3 files of all the interviews for the book. This is a great resource for both internal hiring managers and professional recruiters.

On a related note, I’ve been selected by the publisher to be Executive Editor for a series of additional LinkedIn books. The next two titles will be LinkedIn for Enterprise Sales and LinkedIn for Professional Services Marketing. I’m starting to look for interview subjects now, so if you’re a LinkedIn user in either of these fields, please contact me and let’s set up an interview.