Meshforum 2006, May 7-9, San Francisco

I’ve heard great things about Shannon Clark’s MeshForum conference, and wanted to share this note from him:

Hello all,

As many of you know, I have been deeply interested in the study of Networks, and three years ago I founded MeshForum. MeshForum’s goal is to foster the research into Networks – across fields and industries. Last year we held our first conference, MeshForum 2005 in Chicago.

This year, MeshForum 2006, will be May 7-9, in the Bay Area, at the Commonwealth Club in downtown San Francisco for the 7th and 8th and at a nearby venue for the 9th.

MeshForum is the type of conference that is defined not by a single speaker but by the diversity and input of the audience – come prepared to participate and engage with the speakers and your fellow attendees. In addition to two days of amazing speakers, you will have highly interactive lunches, group dinners at fantastic local restaurants and a full day in Open Space to work collaboratively on network issues.

If you are planning on attending MeshForum 2006 please register soon, and please invite others to do the same. It is a great opportunity for small teams to get together, learn, and collaborate. There will be no vendor pitches or the typical canned speeches at MeshForum – instead expect to hear (and especially see) a wide variety of thought provoking presentations.

This year we will be exploring two very important themes as well as hearing from a variety of experts on specific areas of Networks. The first theme which will underlie the entire conference is Visualization. The second theme is Social and Political Networks.

Visualization is a vital and key part of all Networks – but it is also an extremely complex and difficult task.

Networks – from transportation grids to social organizations to biological systems embody many characteristics and features that are not easily detected in just the raw data – over the years (indeed over the centuries) many techniques and approaches have been tried to render network data visible and thus understandable. Manuel Lima, founder of, will join us to provide an overview of the over 250 different approaches he has documented and assembled. Dave Gray, founder of Xplane, will lead a workshop on visual thinking, and there will be many other artists and researchers who will present their own works and visualizations.

Social and Political Networks impact every person, business, and government. Understanding our place within multiple networks, as well as the successful (and unsuccessful) ways people have mapped, navigated, and made use of social and political networks is the key to success in the 21st century.

We’ll hear from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, authors of the great book Naked Conversations, on how new engaged forms of communication, especially business blogs, are changing relationships in the business world – both within corporations and between corporations and their customers. We will also explore the role of networks in politics with expert political activists. Other speakers will cover the future of social networks, social network analysis, and much more.

MeshForum 2006 will also cover the economics of transportation networks with an emphasis on understanding the role of tolls. We’ll  hear about the world from the experts at and there will be many other surprises.

For all this, and more, including a FREE copy of Naked Conversations, please register today.

Advanced registration is just $500 and by registering today you guarantee yourself a seat as MeshForum 2006, when we reach 150 people we will have to close registration..

Included in your registration will be:

– most meals Sun, Mon, and Tuesday (email me if you have specific dietary requirements, vegetarian options will be available at all meals)
– all conference materials including a FREE copy of Naked Conversations
– three days of learning and engagement

An opening reception on the evening of Saturday May 6th will be organized. Hotel Details will be posted on the website and emailed to all registered attendees.

Please register today!

See you in May!


p.s. If you or your firm is able to pay more than $500 and support MeshForum via sponsorship or via offering scholarships to attend MeshForum, we would be extremely grateful. Any level of support is appreciated.

p.p.s If price if your only reason for not attending, please contact me, we will have a limited number of scholarships and volunteer opportunities available. We will also be recording all of the sessions for later distribution online.