Podcast Interviews from SXSW Interactive

Well, I finally did it! I ran around all weekend at SXSW Interactive with a Creative Zen Vision:M in hand, recording interviews with anyone interesting I could get to sit still for 15 minutes or so (not counting Marc Canter, who I interviewed as we party-hopped on the last night of the festival).

Maybe when I get a little more confident with these, I’ll run them “naked”, but for now, I’m cleaning them up a bit before posting. I’ve got the first few posted on my About.com site. All three are with bootstrapping entrepreneurs at various stages of development, talking about the challenges of starting a tech business in the post-bubble climate:

  • Bijoy Goswami of Aviri talks about both the philosophical and practical aspects of bootstrapping as an approach all businesses can use.
  • Jim Young of Jambo Networks tells about the benefit of launching at the DEMO conference, and how they used a blog to build buzz leading up to it.
  • Jay Flanzbaum of Online Gigs discusses the challenges and lessons learned from being a non-techie running a tech company.

Other folks I interviewed and will post shortly include Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome), Marc Canter (Macromedia/Broadband Mechanics), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), Heath Row (Squidoo/Fast Company), Brian Oberkirch (on the situation in New Orleans for entrepreneurs) and Dave Panos (Pluck).