Carnival of Marketing 1-22-2006

A couple of months ago, I helped kick off Noah Kagan’s Carnival of Marketing. Well it seems to be really taking off — he’s got hosts lined up through April!

But the submissions are a bit slow in coming — I had six this week, with seven slots for stories. No problem – I took the liberty of picking one of my own (sort of) – but folks need to send the submissions in. Great opportunity to market your expertise about marketing!

So here are this week’s words of wisdom on marketing from the blogosphere:

  • Jack Yoest tells the fascinating story of The Million Dollar Home Page, Alex Tew’s experiment in micro-advertising.
  • John Jantsch explains about pay per call advertising, a new advertising model similar to pay per click online in which you only pay when the ad generates a phone call. This is cool for local businesses – I didn’t even know this existed.
  • Pam Stewart offers an inspirational post about shifting from the impersonal idea of “target markets” to being on a quest to find “your people”. Thought-provoking.
  • David Daniels says that the emerging services sector represents a growing market opportunity in China. This means an increased growth in small and medium businesses and a particular opportunity for B2B companies marketing to them.
  • Denise O’Berry explains how to read your website stats for marketing clues. As she says, “They’re the equivalent to asking someone who just arrived at (or called) your business for the first time — ‘How did you hear about us?'”
  • Filling in the open slot with a bit of SSP, I was recently interviewed by John Jantsch about virtual handshakes and social software for his new podcast. It’s over 23 minutes – pretty meaty and a good overview of our book. I swear I don’t have a lisp, though – it’s just an unfortunate side-effect of the digital recording.
  • And my pick of the week, Jim Logan explains how to use your weaknesses to sell more. This is my absolute favorite kind of blog post — very concise and immediately actionable. Great job, Jim!

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