Summary: Oxford & York Media Conference: In the Age of the Blogger

Back in October, I blogged my contribution to Oxford & York’s New Media & Entertainment Summit. Christopher Clark just sent me the official executive summary of the program. If you’re interested in the impact of blogging on the media industry, and vice-versa, this is well worth reading.

Executive Summary here.

Here are the panels that are summarized:

Evolving Revenue Models in Media and Entertainment
John Nendick, Ernst & Young LLP
Chris Ahearn, Reuters Media
Robin Johnson, The Financial Times
Thomas V. Ryan, EMI Music, North America
Thomas Gewecke, Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Technology and Social Change
Anthony Hopwood, Saïd Business School, Oxford University
Sandy Pentland, MIT, The Media Laboratory
Howard Bass, Ernst & Young LLP

New Media Meets Old Media
Josh Manchester,
Jay Rosen, PressThink
Evan Williams, Odeo
Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media
Jeremy D. Zawodny, Yahoo! Inc.

The Big 3: Media Piracy, Fraud, and Music Licensing
Bob Kohn, RoyaltyShare
David Teten, Nitron Advisors

Instinct and Promoting Entrepreneurship!

J.P. Donlon, Directorship
Thomas L. Harrison, Diversified Agency Services
Paul Maidment,