What Bloggers Would Like from the Blogosphere

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing has talked to dozens of top bloggers about the changes and trends they’d like to see in the blogosphere and compiled them all in Bloggers Wish List for 2006. I contributed my thoughts:

I’d like to see more of less. What do I mean? I’d like to see blog carnivals with the seven best posts rather than all 50 that were submitted. I want better tools for subscribing just to the information I want. I want to see people acting more as filters than as aggregators. I think posting every passing thought is passe, at least for business blogs – I’d like to see people stay more focused.

Many others echoed similar sentiments, as well as some other things I agreed with, even if I hadn’t thought of them. Here are some of my other favorites:

Dana VanDen Heuvel
-I’d like to see more people move beyond ‘blogging’ and reach deeper to the ‘metaphors’ that blogging represents like customer-to-corporation (read: people-to-people) connection and the role blogging plays in the participant economy.
– Let’s see more bloggers realize that they are part of changing the world as we know it, even if only in some small way in a little corner of the world. Online conversation is a beautiful thing.

I’d like to see less uncivil blogging. People starting blogs just to trash companies or trash other people. If you can’t say something to someone’s face, you shouldn’t see it on a blog.

Bill Flitter
Marketers need to consider blogging seriously, if not by creating a blog for their brand at the very least participate in a constructive manner with the community they serve. This could simply be just commenting on blogs that mention their brand. Let your customers no you are listening. It makes for a happier community.

Nancy White
“more chocolate, less baloney”

Dave Dolak
I’d like to see more focus .. blogs that stick with a theme rather than just random comments and a lot of disconnected nonsense. (I so agree, Dave!)

Nicole Simon
We should be challenging. Expect more from the people around you, including your readers. How else are we suppose to learn and evolve if everything stays mediocre and just for the mainstream taste?

I want less people who do not understand why connecting to the internet is not an addiction but a new form of social interaction. I am tired of seeing those pity looks because they think, they do have a “real life” when all they do is watching television all night or going out in bars having meaningless conversations with people they already know.

I love lists like this. Why? Sure, the comments themselves are thought-provoking, but more importantly, it’s a quick way to learn about new people who are like-minded, or who have really smart things to say and say them well. I’ve added several new blogs to my blog reader as a result of this.

It’s like “speed networking for bloggers”.