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Nine Tools for Researching Leads

“On the 9th Day of Xmas, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me: Nine Tools for Researching Leads.” Whether you are looking for sales or job-hunting purposes, there are a vast number of services you can subscribe to for free that will bring information on worthwhile new companies straight to you. This is a useful list.

Man of the Year: You (and youtube)

Back in 2002-3, Scott Allen and I started work on a book about online networks and social software, what today people call Web 2.0. It’s a great sign of the now-mainstream acceptance of these technologies that Time magazine’s Man “Person of the Year” is “You”—and discusses all of the technologies we cover in the book and the website.

It also sells more copies of Time magazine than writing about the other most influential men of the year: terrorists, the leaders of countries with nukes, and other more depressing (but very important) news.

MySpaceForBusiness? Or MySpace for business?

There’s a new site up called On the surface, it looks pretty much just like MySpace, and that’s a good model. I like the concept. But I won’t be joining.

Why not?

Simple: blatant trademark violation.

This is Trademarks 101. First of all, to their credit, I will note that they do have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that they are in no way associated with MySpace. But this business name clearly creates confusion and they certainly benefit from that confusion.

It’s one thing to use a trademark in your domain name when it’s clearly offering supplemental services, e.g.,, though even that is a gray area. You can even use it in your tag line, e.g., “Like MySpace…for business”. The smartest thing to do is just get permission, like I did for

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if MySpace is now a big impersonal corporation, it’s still just bad business to violate your neighbor’s intellectual property. I suspect they’ll be receiving a C&D letter sooner or later.

Scott Allen on Out of Time Radio Monday 12/11

I’ll be appearing tonight on the Clear Vision show on Out of Time Radio at 11pm EST/8pm PST. It’s a live show, so no telling for sure what direction it will take, but planned topics include how to legitimately make money online; how the Internet opens up opportunities for the elderly, disabled and otherwise homebound; and the relationship between ADD and entrepreneurship.

You can listen live, or the show will be available in the archives (free registration required) shortly afterwards.

Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking

I enjoyed reading a review copy of Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths, by Ivan Misner with Mike Macedonio and Mike Garrison. Dr. Misner is one of the very few people who have written on this topic (besides Wayne Baker, Herminia Ibarra, and a few others) who’s done substantive research up to academic standards on what actually works in sales and marketing.

One key learning from the book: the importance of educating the people with whom you work about whom you sell to, and how to sell your firm. People can’t refer business to you unless they know very well who is a logical customer for you.

I definitely recommend the book.

The Real Problem with MySpace

OK, I put up with the numerous bugs, the frequent nondescript error messages, and so on, but tonight I tried to just click on the Groups link in MySpace and got this, repeatedly for the past half-hour or so:


Hey Rupert… how about throwing a couple of extra million into fixing the infrastructure!!!

Scott Allen on AllTalkRadio Monday 11/27

I’ll be appearing on AllTalkRadio Monday tonight on the Growing Your Business with Fred and Lyna show at 8pm EST. I’ll be talking about how entrepreneurs can use online networks to find strategic partners, customers, business partners, and much-needed expertise to help you start and grow your business.

If you miss the live show, don’t worry – it’ll be available in the show archives the next day.

Big Investors Turn to Network of Informants

Nitron Advisors is featured on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal:

Big Investors Turn to Network of Informants
“For professional investors, something akin to what has done for the nation’s singles…hooking up middle managers from hundreds of companies with professional investors desperate for an investing edge.”

More (requires subscription or two-week trial)

UPDATE: Michael Mayhew posted the article’s text in full, without the graphic which discusses revenue of Nitron and other players in the space.

Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

An interview with Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth Revisited:

“If they don’t fail outright, most businesses fail to fully achieve their potential. That’s because the person who owns the business doesn’t truly know how to build a company that works without him or her.. which is the key.” – Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber is the founder and CEO of E-Myth Worldwide, and best selling author of The E-Myth Revisited, and E-Myth Mastery. He defines E-Myth as: 1: The entrepreneurial myth: the myth that most people who start a small business are entrepreneurs, 2: the fatal assumption that an individual who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does technical work.

Since its publication in 1995, this business classic has sold over one million copies, and is published in 16 languages. Michael observes that most small businesses are started by “technicians”, that is, people who are skilled at something and who enjoy doing that thing. When these technicians strike out on their own, they tend to continue doing the work they are skilled at, and ignore the overarching aspects of business. Without clear goals and quantification benchmarks, they soon find themselves overworked, understaffed, and eventually broke. They come to hate the work they do. Rather than owning a business, Gerber writes, “they own a job.”

Click here for the interview.

Coupon codes for retail stores

The creator of has launched, which provides coupon codes for retail stores, without the privacy-infringing registration requirements. A very useful tool.

Many online stores allow for a “coupon” or “promotion” code when you order to automatically assign discounts, deals and freebies (kinda like money for nothing). is a place for finding and sharing these coupon codes.
So… when you buy online, check here for discounts first (unless you’re frikkin crazy).

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