Killer App: Free Traffic Bar Is a Must-Have for Internet Marketers (and Everybody Else)

I’ve been involved for a couple of months in the beta testing of a new toolbar, Free Traffic Bar. I’ve been using another traffic-generator toolbar, InstantBuzz, for a while and been reasonably happy with the results, so when I heard that Garland Coulson, aka The E-Business Tutor, was working on something even better, I was certainly optimistic.

Well, I was blown away by Free Traffic Bar. Yes, it’s a way to generate qualified traffic to your site for free, just for giving up a little bit of screen real estate. But unlike InstantBuzz, which is really just an ad bar, Free Traffic Bar is an indispensible tool for anyone marketing products or services online, or for that matter, anyone who uses the web as a research tool (isn’t that everybody?).

FreeTrafficBar has two major value-added toolsets. The first is an all-in-one interface to a variety of web research tools, including:
– All major search engines
– Blog and other specialty search engines
– Keyword analysis
– URL analysis, including HTML analysis, link checkers, etc.
– Popularity analysis (Alexa, Google PageRank, etc.)
– Business research (Hoovers, Yahoo Finance)
– Reference sites (, dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia)
…and much more

The second is a collection of web marketing tools, including:
– Online business communities (Ryze, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc.)
– Article marketing
– Headline analyzer and writing tips
– Affiliate program directories
– Ad tracking
– Autoresponders
– Blog hosting
– Legitimate money-making opportunities
…and much more

I haven’t even begun to explore it all, and already I’m profoundly struck by how much more there is I could/should be doing to promote the book and my other business activities.

I’ve made special arrangements with Garland to offer our blog readers 10,000 bonus ad credits when you sign up for Free Traffic Bar. All you have to do to receive your credits is:

  1. Sign up via this link.
  2. Download and install the toolbar.
  3. Send a support ticket requesting your 10,000 bonus credits as part of The Virtual Handshake promotion (you can do this through the toolbar or the member area of their website).

My holiday gift to all of you! Merry Marketing!