Notes on SG Cowen internet conference

written by Peter Clayton:

I attended an Internet conference hosed by SG Cowen last Thursday in NYC – their first Internet conference since 2000, btw, — Kris Jacob, EVP of Business Development at Podshow told the audience that…
— currently 10m people listen to podcasts regularly
— there are 50m mp3 players in the US
— 150m mp3 enabled cell phones – US

and the kicker – 18-34 demographic are NOT listening to traditional radio (can’t imagine why) 😉 – of course, this age group is advertiser’s sweet spot.

Ad agencies and advertisers are taking podcasting seriously – looking for ways to sponsor without being intrusive.

there was a lot of focus on search at the conference (John Battelle, author of “Search” and cofounding editor of Wired and founder of Industry Standard spoke) – consensus opinion – search is the “killer app” and the game is over – won by Google and Yahoo.

Cowen projected that Goggle’s share price could hit $650! Also, they believe Google’s spending on R&D and capital expenditures will eclipse MSN and Yahoo in 2006 – to 1.1b – they project MSN at $775m and Yahoo at $696m.

Another company that grabbed my attention is – based in NYC – Mike Yavonditte is the CEO –