Wrapup of Virtual Handshake Conference

Chairing last week’s Virtual Handshake conference, “Beyond Blogs and Social Networks: How the Virtual Handshake and Consumer Generated Media Will Make or Break Your Business” was an honor and a pleasure. I’d like to thank Stuart Williams, Ali Curi, and Don Friedman of the Strategic Research Institute for making the conference happen.

For those of you that did not attend, you can get a feel for the event by looking at all the blog posts at TheVirtualHandshake.com/blog for December 1st and 2nd, 2005. I have also included links to the slides that were presented, in those cases where I had access to them.

You can download my two keynotes here:

  • Introduction to Social Software. What is it? Who are some of the major players?
  • Your Life is Online…Now What? Social and business implications of the growth of social software.
  • Following are the key blog posts:

    Managing Relationships with Influencer Bloggers
    Panel: New Trends in RSS
    Anne Berkowitch, cofounder and CEO, SelectMinds
    Geoff Hyatt, CEO, Contact Network Corporation
    Glenn Gutmacher, Microsoft, on Recruiting with Online Networks
    Marty Schwimmer on Marketing to Large Corporations with a Blog
    Sanford Dickert: Blogging for Business Performance
    Larry Bodine on Marketing with Blogs
    Steven Cohen, Senior Librarian , Pubsub, on Real-Time Web Search
    Monitoring Real-Time Consumer-Generated Media
    Corporate Blogging—Real World Success Stories
    MediaBistro and GoBigNetwork CEOs on Online Social Networks
    Dan Burstein on Blogging
    Michael Wing, IBM, on Corporate Blogging and Jamming
    Rob Key, CEO Converseon, on Consumer-Generated Media
    Steve Rubel on Blogs/Consumer Generated Media
    Notes from today’s Virtual Handshake conference: Jonathan Carson, Buzzmetrics

    We hope to host a similar event next year, and very much hope that all of you can attend again! We welcome your suggestions for speakers, topics, and other ways in which to make next year’s social software conference as valuable as possible.