Steven Cohen, Senior Librarian , Pubsub, on Real-Time Web Search

Steven Cohen, Senior Librarian , Pubsub

notes from Virtual Handshake conference

You can download the slides from this presentation here: Steven Cohen, Pubsub

Average of 2.6 words used in search queries; that’s very low

Should you respond to everything people say about you? No, it’s not impossible

Dogpile is not exhaustive; no meta-engine is exhaustive.


Don’t say ‘Google something’—sometimes you have to use other search engines!

Gigablast (DT: and Rollyo) offer ability to roll your own search engines.

Pubsub about to release ‘structured blogging’, which will allow you to attach structured data to your blog.


Competitive intelligence: who is buying keywords to your trademarks/brands?
Who is getting hired/fired, and promoted?
New products put out by competitors?
Which tags are being used for your products?

Use to monitor what jobs your competition is hiring for

Go to, type in your competition’s name or zip code, and see local info

Tags let people create their own classification systems. (yes, the Dewey decimal system is not the be-all and end-all) (website-watcher). Tells you when someone’s website changes. Fantastic product.

Pubsub’s mission: use detailed and narrow keywords to find possible partners.
Can do 3B matches/ second
Don’t just do blog search; pubsub is more exhaustive

Feedmesh is a community that Bob Wyman is creating among companies that use ping technology. An attempt to create one central place for pings. Google (UPDATE/CORRECTION: Yahoo) is a member through their acquisition of .