Glenn Gutmacher, Microsoft, on Recruiting with Online Networks

Glenn Gutmacher, Microsoft, on Recruiting with Online Networks

from today’s Virtual Handshake conference.

Receive 70,000 candidate resume submissions per month
Approx. 16000 unique new candidates per month
150 recruiters specialize by each business division

Organized by : industry (experienced), college, MBA , exec. Recruitment

He focuses on senior software developers

Fiscal year (july 1-june 30 ) drives hiring patterns

Most jobs are in Redmond, WA

Blogs fall under Microsoft Technical Communities

Blogs (
Technical chats (
Newsgroups (
Webcasts (
Online tech communities (
User groups (
Forums (

Benefits of blogging

Helps our staff be perceived as experts.
Closer ties to depts.
Bloggers become better writers/communicators
Reading peer blogs increase your knowledges, exposes you to more ideas
Generates ideas and content from customers/peers
Gets more visible on search engines
Generates press mentions
Track readership trends (where interest is coming from
Community development

Microsoft taking RSS to net level: Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE). Makes RSS 2.0 bidirectional: calendar appointments, contacts, favorites, news, etc.

Consolidated bios of many tech bloggers (

MS has internal blogging community
MSFT doesn’t censor or monitor what people say.

Blogging fears & objections: giving away the farm. Public backlash. Negative media coverage. Email volume spike. Employment termination.

Whatever issues emerge from the occasional negative post, it’s trivial relative to the amount of blogging going on.

His advice: put in standard answers to the most common requests you get in your signature files.

Collegiate outreach. (worldwide online community)
The Imagine Cup
Steve Sinofsky (VP of MS Office) writes a blog focused on campus recruiting (

How to presentations contributed to independent .net develoers community,

Tech CST recently purchased exclusive month sponsorship on HRSEO

They’re currently using Jobster and investigating

They use LinkedIn and OpenBC heavily. Tech CST’s Shally Steckerl is among the top 20 most-connected out of 4.2m users. Shally gets 200 requests/day(!). Value in serving as a connector node to recruiter and software developer communities.

Experimenting with Doostang, imeem.

Sourcers don’t use 3rd party plugins on MS computers

New tools:
Local search and mapping
Niche search: blogs, conference attendees/speaker bios, mailing lists, patents, personal homepages, reverse lookups, thematic, user groups, tech journals, tech standards working groups, PGP keys, Whois, etc.)

ResearchBuzz, ResearchShelf,,

The tools of sales/marketing are quite applicable to recruiting, and vice versa.

MSCRM 3.0, our next –gen CRM product, is being used by Tech CST to track prospects
They automate emails and scheduling of frequent calls. Once you leave a candidate alone for 6 months, it’s like starting from scratch.

Use Hoovers, Jigsaw, OneSource, ZoomInfo, Lexis-Nexis, etc.

“Dogfooding”: use internal-only blogs and other self-developed online tools in other ways to enhance collaboration internally. to aggregate RSS content
Product and technology topic-specific Sharepoint intranet sites to distribute reports, latest info, etc.