Geoff Hyatt, CEO, Contact Network Corporation

Geoff Hyatt, CEO, Contact Network Corporation
from today’s Virtual Handshake conference.

You can download the slides from this presentation here: Contact Networks

Cofounder, 5 years ago

presenting: “How a Top 100 Law Firm Transformed Employee Contacts into a Trusted Firm-wide Asset”

Customers: Greylock Partners, 30 users
Mintz, Levin, 950 users, 450 attorneys, 7 offices
Boston Consulting Group, 5000 users

Case study of Mintz

They use Interaction, as their CRM system
Manual data input is a proven failure
CRM doesn’t extent to all staff, and doesn’t include existing relatinships
Blast emails (does anyone know someone at …) are disruptive

Data analyzed directly from Exchange. Continuous updating.
99.3% adoption rate.

A resource that employees trust
10 days to implement and launch firm-wide
Over 60,000 relationships to 600 companies worldwide.

Most of their clients eliminate you from Contact Network Corporation system as soon as you leave your employer.

Graylock shares all of the info about all of their contacts with one another, and see that as a competitive advantage.

Exchange allows you to set contacts as being universally available—you don’t need Contact Network Corporation to do that. Contact Network Corporation gives you the value of automatically tracking the data.

When you screw up the launch of social software, you can create serious bad will / problems in a firm. Much harder than just launching a new spreadsheet.