Monitoring Real-Time Consumer-Generated Media

Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Officer, Intelliseek, speaking at the conference:

Consumers never talk in a vacuum.
Even folks you don’t know are more credible than many mass media.
The blogosphere is permanent. Anything that happens leaves a trail.

Blogpulse is designed to be a user-friendly blog search engine. 20m blogs, 50,000 added per day. stats:
– He pays $14/month to Typepad
– Time to create initially: 1-2 hours
– Time to update: 5 mins., 10-15 w/graphics
– Storage cost: 1000 megs, 10gigs storage
– Instantaneous time to analyze results
– New features constantly: podcasting, advertising, new tools to connect with other bloggers

– Passion + Expertise = successful blog

Consumer generated media squared = photo, video, audio
This will be big in 2006

Intimate and influential social network
Putting big carrots in front of mom & dad

Harry Potter gets more buzz online than George W Bush, because so many teens/moms online

June 05: engadget speculated that video ipod was coming. Got tremendous buzz/linkins.

Auditing the GM Blog. 45% of comments are critical. But got high rank (about 500) for a very new blog.

What popped on Wikipedia in 2005 is a leading indicator.

Consumers really hate being shilled: A tells B to buy X, but if B finds out A was paid, the relationship will be destroyed—and X wont get bought.


shift in research community from controlled focus groups to the mass media.

Consumer generated multi-media will change the game; video ipod will accelerate that trend.

Activist groups will get more adept at exploiting CGM data.

Blurring between PR firms and ad agencies; between media planners and agencies; between call centers and marketing department

A majority of Wall St. analysts will integrate CGM data (especially blog trends) into forecasting models.

Online buzz will get huge role in getting consumers to box office

“Blogpulse is our marketing engine.”