Dan Burstein on Blogging

Dan Burstein, Founder and Managing Member, Millennium Technology Ventures; co-author, BLOG! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business and Culture, on blogging (from today’s conference):

Blogging is a revolution. We will have quantum leaps in knowledge because more people will have access to more knowledge more efficiently.

Classified advertising is grossly inefficient. Individual bloggers need a business interest.

Google is undervalued at $400/share. Becoming #1 global media brand.

Ebay will overpay for Skype; AOL etc. will overpay for Weblogs Inc.; for a piece of the technology that they’re missing.

20 years ago if you want to be the top IP attorney, go to law school. Today, if you follow it diligently in your blog, then you’re an expert. (DT: Cf. SchwimmerLegal.com) Blogs today are primitive but we’re already seeing an impact.

People’s idea of a blog will expand significantly. 2004: year of political blog. 2006: year of adoption of business blog.

Lot of discussion of media and blogs this year.

More interesting patterns we’ll see in near future: blogs used in R&D process. Blogs used at senior executive ranks.

All of the modern media standards (insider trading, objectivity, media confidentiality, etc.) are just 20th Century constructs. They are not written in stone.

1800 Presidential campaign: nastiest in US history

Scott Allen: how will mainstream media respond to need to niche expertise writers?

Burstein: CNN Blogwatch is hilarious: perky beautiful anchors sit in a studio, look at a computer, and tell us what some ugly people somewhere in the hinterlands are saying about a topic.

Best political bloggers will all get bought out by MSM (despite their protestations).

Cf. WSJ story about expert on Disney stock—someone who wrote every day on this issue. He became a consultant to Disney on their stock.