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Moderator: Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media

– Alex Williams, Managing Director of Events, Corante
. Here are his slides: Anvil

Industrial success story: Maxcess International.

Janet Johnson, VP Communications, Marqui
You can download more analysis of Marquis’ story here: Marqui

And Janet Johnson’s slides here: Marketing via Blogs–Marquis

“The blot that almost ate Marqui.”
Her advice: take English writing courses and excel. Marketing depts. are going to be hiring more and more marketers.

We’re here because a year ago we paid 20 bloggers to write about us.
They paid 20 bloggers , 3-month contracts, at $800/month, with no ability to suspend.
She tried to feed them stories.

For 3 months, the first posting you saw when you searched on “Marqui” was Robin Good, a very negative post.

The success:
Customer acquisition rate grew by 43%/quarter. 30-person private company.
Over 120 pieces of press coverage
Multiple “Excellence in Marketing” awards.
After 3 months, they stopped paying the bloggers and started blogging themselves.

Chas Martin, Director of Communications, BetterManagement.comThe Blog as SEO Strategy”
You can download the slides from this presentation here: Presentation

Business Best Practices site. We’re a portal. 99% of our marketing budget is keyword acquisition. Site is 5 years old.
Their parent company is SAS.

Dependent on email communications, but in 2004, 24% of email newsletters failed to reach the targeted inbox (Source: INBOX). So we had to consider IM, alerts, RSS, blogs as replacements.

Cost per click is also going steadily upward.
His CEO was skeptical of the blog, so he argued it was good for SEO.

Results so far: Google pagerank is 6/10. 1,000-1,400 unique hits/day. <30 responses/comments on blog.