Michael Wing, IBM, on Corporate Blogging and Jamming

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Michael Wing, IBM

You can download the slides from this presentation here: Michael Wing

They call it ‘Web 2.0’ because this all feels very déjà vu (circa 1995). Something major is happening.

We don’t know yet what is a ‘good blogger’.

Clay Shirky: We’re at the beginning of major change in how people act/communicate.

Huge empowerment underway.

Fulfilling the original promise of the Web

Syndication + XML=new global information commons. Blog content is contextualized via XML. Any data can be syndicated, whether or not created by human.

IBM now runs a number of blogs: the Mainframe blog, the Automotive blog, etc. IBM is now perceived as ‘we get it’, along with MSFT and Sun.

“WorldJam”: online discussion around certain key issues. 72 hours, 52,595 participants (unique users), 6,000+ ideas, 268,000+ views of posted ideas. Extremely positive feedback.

When they first launched WorldJam, they didn’t tell certain people until was too late, in order to make sure it didn’t get stopped.

On every forum, some people posted “Give back the money, Lou—let’s unionize IBM”. IBM kept that information up, somewhat to peoples’ shock.

ConsultantJam—to discuss PWC acquisition. 8,560 participants. Michael Wing is the champion of this within IBM.

Introduced Jamalyzer (real-time text-mining and theme analysis)

A jam is not :
– an announcement vehicle
– top-down
– community creator/definer: it’s a population, not a community
– personal soapbox
– a chat room.

Important: no one is anonymous.

A jam is:
– best-practice capture
– global collaboration
-organizational research
– an event

On very pragmatic topics (“It’s not just selling to the CIO anymore”), the threads read like project team meetings.

Jams are organizational interventions—short events. Blogs are ongoing digital identity.

Two epiphanies :
1) The intranet can transform the relationship between employees and the company.
2) Scale makes it more likely, not less, that you’ll get concreate results. It gets you past silos, into culture. Trustworthy because everyone is invited. It’s like a general election.

Research aids: eClassified, JamAlyzer (visual means to find people of like mind), and SurfAid (real-time metrics on usage & demographics).

ValuesJam= in-depth exploration of IBM’s values and beliefs. Set of new core values defined by IBM’s workforce (210,000 downloads, 1.25m views to site, 22,007 unique users, 9,337 posts/replies).

Put all of IBM’s Lines of Business, and individual countries, into a matrix. Each is a P&L which needs to be closed every day.

Half of IBMers had been there <5 years. Important for the vets and the newbies to see one another online. HBR article “Leading change when business is good.”

Followup to Culture Jam was WorldJam. goal to identify actionable ideas. They only rated the ideas AFTER the jam happened, in order to avoid what James Surowiecki of “Wisdom of Crowds” calls “information cascades”.

Now, today, IBM is doing its first external jam, “Habitat Jam“, jointly with World Urban Forum/Gov’t of Canada/IBM. Jammes from 175 countries. Outreach events for slum-dwellers. Goal: eradicate world’s slums.

Jams are all in English.

Intelliseek CEO asks: What are your concerns about blogs as a platform? Blogger/Typepad keep offering new functionality.

We need to be able to hear this. 5000 people in a stadium is a cacophony; with this technology you can HEAR the voice of the people.

Hear the stuff we didn’t know to ask about.